Modulator II – Slivered Hearse (2020)


🇫🇷 With Modulator II, get prepared for everything weird and unexpected. However, is it possible to prepare for this?

In this band, the bass is in the lady’s hands, and the drummer is the one who sings. Strange coincidence, but it makes sense. I’m noticing the energy which is generated out of this four. Immediately it is modulated in order to reach our core and make its influence.

Apparently, they prefer white attire while on stage. Plain and flawless appearance is in contrast to what they play and sing about. Perhaps, we just face the different sides of the same thing, the human nature. Well, they do call themselves humanoids. In this case. should I mention humanoid nature?

Anyway, the album is simply great, and it’s worth a listen. Don’t forget that the time spent is only illusion.

facebook page: modulator.two

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2 thoughts on “Modulator II – Slivered Hearse (2020)

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