Arcane Allies – Saraswati (2019)

🇩🇪 Arcane Allies turn you to the State of Hypnosis while just playing and nothing more.

Sidney, Christiana and Joel have started a band back in 2016. Arcane Allies were born in USA during a live tour with the band Dai Kaiju. Afterwards the trio moved to Germany and started to embody their artistic aspirations in compositions.

“Saraswati” is a nice blend of kraut and synthetic vibes. Quiet, evolving and rhythmic in their core, the songs are so voluminous that you easily sink. it’s like swimming underwater without breathing, that you experience in the child dreams.

The band member Christiana plays not only synths but also theremin. This adds even more mystic sounding and expands Arcane Allies’ tools to reach your heart. Almost an hour capacity by coryphaeus.

facebook page: arcaneallies

Get this album via bandcamp

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3 thoughts on “Arcane Allies – Saraswati (2019)

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