Jackie Treehorn Ave. – Nervous Breakdown Blues (2020)


🇮🇹 Somewhere on the dusty road, you stay and behold. The night comes, and hazy stars appears in the sky. And here arrive that fuzzy chords.

Jackie Treehorn Ave. is a young band from Vicenza, Italy. The trio consists of Tom Warren – guitars and vocals, Selena Wallace – bass and vocals, and Drugo Lebowski – drums.  The three piece balances between heavy desert rock, stoner and some distorted blues.

Smooth whispers by Tom and a tender voice of Selena complement the guitar vibes and unhesitating drums. Good blend for the ears and the weary world. Like a balm for exhausted body.

I admit that I’m absolutely not a fan of blues music, but all of a sudden I’ve enjoyed the of sound of Italian trio. Perhaps because their blues is Nervous Breakdown one? Listen to Jackie if you ever woke up but feel like a dawn.

facebook page: Jackie Treehorn Ave

Get this album via bandcamp | apple.music | google.play

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4 thoughts on “Jackie Treehorn Ave. – Nervous Breakdown Blues (2020)

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