Bytownite – Bytownite (2020)


🇪🇸 Listen to the voice of the rocks and the songs of the water streaming nearby. Fresh Bytownite album takes us to a remote place and leaves there for a while.

Bytownite is a solo project by a mysterious guy residing in Donostia San Sebastian, Spain. He prefers not to disclose his real name. Instead, we can enjoy the sound that he creates.

The author has a very short description for his art. It is “mineral music”. Indeed, bytownite is one of the members of feldspar minerals family. Its name refers to Bytown (now Ottawa), Canada, where it was originally found.

Self-titled EP is short but vivid. The compositions gradually evolve, starting from a tiny sound to a whole soundscape. Guitar-driven melodies meet synths and effects through looping and mixing, and all goes really natural. Don’t expect to find a rigid crystalline structure. You’ll hear something mild and romantic.

facebook page: bytownite

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