Stonus – Aphasia (2020)


🇨🇾 Welcome to sunny Cyprus where these hot guys play and sing, and give us an opportunity to find some words for their great stuff!

Let me introduce Stonus. They are Kyriacos Frangoulis (vocals), Pavlos Demetriou (lead guitar), Nicky Ray (rhythm guitar), Andreas Aristides (bass), and Kotsios Demetriades (drums). The band exists for several years, and the time eventually comes for the debut album.

During this record, Stonus balance between hard rock and extravagant variations. They obtain own style, blending the Western sound with Cypriot temper and the openness of the hearts. Songs from “Aphasia” are all about interaction between the person (or their soul) and the world around. Losing and finding, falling and rising, continuing the way.

My favorite track is “Mania”, with its attractive entry, squeaky guitar and plain vocals. It seems all this is only a preparation for a headbanging central part of the song. And how cool it is! Selected minimalistic riff to drive you mad. Every time I lose myself with Stonus!

facebook page: stonerscy

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5 thoughts on “Stonus – Aphasia (2020)

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