Måneskjold – Kometen Kommer (2016)


🇩🇰 The comet is coming here where we are standing quietly. Watching the constellations, we are facing  Måneskjold right on this guest comet.


This band from Denmark makes a good blend of space rock, psychedelia, and a bunch of tricks from related genres. As a rusult, their music gets a correct level of heaviness, satisfying both romanticists and the zealous ones.

What I like here is that Måneskjold’s music is active one. It has upbeat mood, and the mighty guitar sound is very dense. Another thing is that the guys do old good rock, leaving a room for experiments. All lyrics are in Danish, and that makes sense. Surprisingly, “Kometen Kommer” was recorded in DIY mode somewhere in a log cabin!

The album starts with “Jordslået”, especially catchy piece, that I’d value the most. The second one tends to be quite classical, while the next one, “Skov” is raising from the bottom to the top, all the way breathtaking.

facebook page: Maaneskjold

Get this album via bandcamp | deezer | apple.music | yandex.music | google.play

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3 thoughts on “Måneskjold – Kometen Kommer (2016)

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