Vimanika – Urban Ambient (2019)

a2692029758_16 🇷🇺 Flying above the sleeping town, we observe the silent surfaces and still midair. Vimanika depicts the moment of sunrise at such landscape.

Alexander Chernenko is form Khabarovsk, a city in the Eastern part of Russia. His solo project Vimanika is devoted to mild vibrations cocooning the space. Urban Ambient, his latest release, collects voiceless patterns born is the heart of human settlement.

Also playing and singing in Mareo band, Alexander finds other side of the art in Vimanika projects. Seems something is appearing out of the blue and inhabits in these vivid tracks.

It’s always interesting how various side projects unveil the author’s talent. Sometimes the smaller things are closer to the heart and more attractive. To me, that’s the case with Vimanika.

facebook page: Alexander Chernenko

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4 thoughts on “Vimanika – Urban Ambient (2019)

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