Kryshe – Hauch (2019)


🇩🇪 Imagine harmonical sound spreading in the outer space, caused by planets’ movement. Does this sound resonate inside?

Christian Grothe, also knows as Kryshe, is German artist who works with audial volumes and reflections. Technically, he combines synthetic sounds with manually made ones and also his clear voice.

On this record, Christian is looping that universal sounds. Piano, trumpet and tiny echoes of strings compement basic synth’s tones in the way they are not supposed to. However, Kryshe’s compositions are rather complete landscape than a set of elements.

Hauch” is made in a slow motion manner (notice “Zeitlupe” track name is literally meaning slow motion): being involved, we are gradually flowing down a calm river and getting to the ocean. After Meditation open the eyes and exhale.

Get this album via Apple Music | Google Play | bandcamp

facebook page: KrysheMusic

You may lso be inspired by Marihiko Hara & Polar M | Folknery | Hauschka


5 thoughts on “Kryshe – Hauch (2019)

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