Dimitar Bodurov & Ivan Shopov – Coalescence (2020)


🇧🇬 Bulgarian musicians Dimitar Bodurov and Ivan Shopov present their fascinating work recorded several years ago and released in the summer, 2020.

Within this collaboration, Dimitar Bodurov plays piano, and both authors create electronic soundscapes. Fragile beats, tiny echoes and strange sounds, all are following  the stories told by the keys.

There’s something huge and captivating behind this minimalistic music. Repetitive phrases bounce into the background with its inarticulate noises and scenes. Then, you’ll have your own imagination involved in the process.

That’s where the pure art arises. Where the walls ans standards cannot help it. Where the flower blossoms upon the old building and praises the sun. Where the light wanders through the universe and meets our tiny globe.

facebook page: Ivan ShopovDimitar Bodurov

Get this album via bandcamp | spotifyapple.musicgoogle.play | yandex.music

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3 thoughts on “Dimitar Bodurov & Ivan Shopov – Coalescence (2020)

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