Trigg & Gusset – Legacy of the Witty (2017)


🇳🇱 Barren streets and distances. Free surface and no sound. Now comes the moment when Trigg and Gusset arrive and and intelligently transform this emptiness into art.

Trigg & Gusset is a duo created by Bart Knol and Erik van Geer – two talented Dutch musicians who investigate both spaces of jazz and silence. Their minimalistic jazzy stories appear to be darkish from time to time, gloomy and vague. At the moments when the mist lifts, the loneliness shows its other side: eternity becomes sad only in the eyes of the beholder.

At Legacy of the Witty, Erik is responsible for and saxophone and clarinet while Bart does the atmosphere by keys, beats, synths and electronic trics. They also have Dominique Bentvelsen on board, who plays double bass. Later on,  Trigg & Gusset released another album, but Legacy of the Witty is the one attracted me the most. Hope you’ll get the same sensation.

Get this album via bandcamp

facebook page: TriggMusic

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5 thoughts on “Trigg & Gusset – Legacy of the Witty (2017)

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