Hauschka – 2011 – Salon des Amateurs

a1783860051_16Hauscka is a stage name of German composer Volker Bertelmann. He is an outstanding contemporary author inventing a wide space out of narrow piano keys.


Hauscka’s music is an intense atmoshere. It intrigues with its minimalism and understatement.

Pegs, seashells and ping-pong balls in the service of a pianist? You can get a glimpse how it’s all may be managed. The single sound of each element is zilch but collected altogether they make a difference.

“Salon des Amateurs” is my favorit among Haushka’s releases. I feel it the most mysterious and contemptative. You’re welcome to try out.

facebook: Hauschka

You may also be inspired with: Poppy Ackroyd; Library Tapes; Bersarin Quartett.

5 thoughts on “Hauschka – 2011 – Salon des Amateurs

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