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Ethereal world. 5 albums bringing you the fresh air

Open the window for this wonderful music. Image: artgiagzhel

Today’s Selected Goosebumps compilation unveils five varied albums at the intersection of genres. All five discover ethereal soundscapes waiting for your sight and presence. Neoclassical music, post-rock, folktronica and experimental art, that’s what our artists have prepared for your conscious listening.

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Tinörks: constellations shining through us [interview]

Hosei Tatemizu from TINÖRKS🇯🇵 Today I’m happy to have Hosei Tatemizu, founder and inspirer of TINÖRKS. We’ll talk about music, of course, but also about feeling music and inventing simple, harmonic things.

I recommend you to check TINÖRKS’ latest album Sinfonia before (or while) reading this interview. It’s something adorable!

Прочитать интервью на русском | インタビュー

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