Rifftia – Kneeling At The Feet Of Time (2018)

a1148199954_16🇪🇸 Such a fancy album by Spanish quintet Rifftia, rich tapestry full of energy and numerous reflections.

Vast compositions gradually unfold inner structure and lead you to vulnerable world, with stalagmites of feelings. Worrying from time to time, captivating melodies full of vibrations and echoes of Leela’s vocals.

What I cannot leave unmentioned, is the deepness of the sound, coming not only from the riffs but rather from ancient times and the human nature which has been evolving through peace and wars…

Once closed your eyes,  hold your breath and let the Rifftia’s music embrace you. Then you’ll get in this secret universe and maybe you’re see who was seen in a dream… 

facebook page: RifftiaBand

Get this album via: bandcamp

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