1099 – Blindpassasjer (2018)

a1495892613_16🇳🇴 A pearl in cool Northern sea – “Blindpassasjer” album from Norwegian masters calling themselves 1099.

The band appears to live and create in Trondheim. During all past decade they released only a few albums, and the latest is like an apogee of the collective’s art. A result of its evolution, eclectic work with a lot of nuances coming from the world and also hidden in authentic music.

Although dark jazz is mentioned when talking about the album, I do not feel it so much inside. Nevertheless, jazzy influences appear from time to time and it brings volume to already rich atmosphere.

Blindpassasjer is not a “blind passenger” but a “stowaway” in Norsk. Should we the listeners supposed to be stowaways or rather the musicians themselves travel without a ticket?

facebook page: 1099band

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2 thoughts on “1099 – Blindpassasjer (2018)

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