Mario Maywa – Vishuda (2019)


🇵🇪 It’s not a secret that the music heals. Mario Maywa shares deeper secrets which are behind the sound.

Mario Maywa comes from Lima, Peru. He has been discovering the effect of the sound on a human body. He deals with individual instruments like Tibetan bowls, didgeridoo, percussion and brass instruments as well.

He does joga, sound therapy and various workshops. In the same time, Mario is a sound producer. Thus today’s pick is of his latest works called “Vishuda“. It is like a summary of his practices, melodies and arrangement which were born during sessions, seminars and moments of inspiration.

Deep meditative music is great to taste itself. I mean don’t treat it like a background for futile activities. Turn off all the rest and invite Mario for a good speechless lesson.

facebook page: MarioMaywaCirculodesonido

Get this album via Google Play | bandcamp

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