Tommy Guerrero – Road to Knowhere (2018)


🇺🇸 Beats go along with guitar parties and synths to make it easy listening but also catchy – that’s all for inspiration by Tommy Guerrero.

Tommy Guerrero is a famous professional skateboarder who finished his career is sports  ago and dedicated himself to business and arts – both incorporated in each other. For instance, his movie appearances were around for Vans, Levis, Sutro and other worldwide-known producers.

At the same time Tommy makes music in his own style, investigating various jazzy genres and inventions of the past. Among his priorities you’ll find funk af all stripes and afrobeat as well.

With Tommy we’re heading to Knowhere – a place lurking in our best memories and dreams. Step by step, breath by breath we go further, recognize what is well-known, by intuition we feel it and try to grab with full attention… but the track is over and it’s time to have next one… Wait! This is what happens all the way long with “Knowhere”! What a trick! Endless road like thetitle of the last composition from this album…

facebook page: TommyGuerreroMusic

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You may also be inspired by: Maistah Aphrica | Castletroy | Huaira

6 thoughts on “Tommy Guerrero – Road to Knowhere (2018)

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