Holy Hand Grenade – Celebrate Not Separate (2019)


🇺🇸 Great funky vibes out of the heart of Brooklyn, NYC, USA. Regardless of the place and time we are living in, this album can make you a little bit more joyful.

The group is a collaboration of seven musicians. Saxophonists Lynn Ligammari and Lathan Hardy, guitarist Timothy James, bassist Ronnie Lanzilotta, drummer Dave Palazola, and keyboardist Chris Doyle. Each of them did they own unique way, travelling across the worlds and absorbing traditional and exotic arts. Finally, the guys met each other to establish a super-band.

Imagine you’re in a rush, moving fast through the crowd somewhere in New York. Bumping into strangers, you don’t even stop and continue your crazy way. A dozen of encounters, each one unique.

The same happens when you listen to Holy Hand Grenade. Some tunes from the Caribbean burst into the metropolis, followed by portions of afro-beat and selected funk. It’s like the band mix all the good things in order to get something brilliant.

facebook page: holyhandgrenadebrooklyn

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