Huaira – Ñuka Shunku EP (2018)

a2298000629_16🇪🇨 Listen to “I am pure heart” (literally this is a debut record’s title) to get inspiration and sense of eternal in a daily life.

Huaira Ukay is from Quito, Ecuador. She is an emerging singer and songwriter already received attention of wide range of listeners, not only local but also abroad. She is happy to transform folk and traditional music into universal embracing sound. Flutes and electronic tricks seem together help the magnetic voice of Huaira to reach distant hearts.

The main idea hidden in these songs is that we are all living in a paradise but somehow have forgotten about it in routine and chaos. Maybe it’s never late to calm down, close the eyes and come back o the roots that keep feeding us on the globe. Regardless on where we are now.

Well, it’s a good intention and something that is closer to art than to policies or theories. Let’s listen to “Ñuka Shunku” right now!

facebook page: Huaira Ukay

Get this album via Apple Music |Google Play | bandcamp

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4 thoughts on “Huaira – Ñuka Shunku EP (2018)

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