Maistah Aphrica – Maistah Aphrica (2017)


🇮🇹 Our musical ship approaches mystic virtual Aphrican coast. Let’s get ashore and take a look around.

Well, this band members explain it’s Aphrican experience from and for somebody never been to Africa. Tribal beats, three wind instuments and dub seasoning – it’s what we get from this selt-titled album by power octet.

It’s like they inhale jazz and exhale a mixture of experimental blend, ancient rhythms and embracing psychedelia. Extravaganza! We’re somewhere between Europe, Western Africa and Latin America. All three worlds with their diverse cultures are behind this extremely rich music. Som don’t lose our time, let’s breath in this spirit!

facebook page: Maistah Aphrica

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2 thoughts on “Maistah Aphrica – Maistah Aphrica (2017)

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