Vuelveteloca – Pantera (2015)

a0238161897_16🇨🇱 Great upbeat psychedelia from Chile is something that keeps rolling in your head for a long time.

Fantastically dense sound and source of goosebumps, especially in the first part of the album. These guys surely know what to do with theirs strings. Add nice  clear vocals and intense drumming – to get “Pantera” roaring.

Vuelveteloca is four piece band which makes their fans happy not so often: an album out of three years is a treasure but they want more. Those who visit gigs are much more happy though.

Along with Föllakzoid, which we already tasted in this blog, Vuelveteloca stays a brilliant representative of Chilean psychedelic scene worth to listen immediately, so don’t lose your time and get their album!

Get this album via Google Play |Apple Music | bandcamp

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4 thoughts on “Vuelveteloca – Pantera (2015)

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