Vintage Cucumber – Welcome to Cucumberland (2018)

a2018447256_16🇩🇪 In 2018, Aumega Records has published huge collection of music by Vintage Cucumber, written during several years. It’s time to get in this cucumber jet and have a trip!

Vintage Cucumber is a weird enough name for project run by German multi-instrumentalist Johannes Schulz. Guitars, synths, samples, flute and violin and even harmonica and sitar included. Sometimes you’ll hear a voice or something like whisper.

It’s surprisingly harmonic as though Vintage Cucumber  would be a quartet. However, it’s only a duo: Johannes and his talent. Resulting in great psychedelic kraut, accurate and intriguing, goosebumps grazing.

All of that sounds make ambience for a journey into outer space… well, into inner space as well. Just prepare your headphones and…

facebook page: Johannes.Schulz

Get this album via bandcamp

You may also be inspired by Vuelveteloca | Tommy Guerrero | Castletroy.

7 thoughts on “Vintage Cucumber – Welcome to Cucumberland (2018)

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