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Out of the Psychedelia. E01. 6 Rock Records to Fly Beyond

Magnetic flower blossoms as you turn on the music. Image by artgiagzhel

Today’s episode is colorful and bright, full of passion and visions. Underground music, starting from alternative rock and submerging in psychedelia. Get your ticket to another reality ang join our artists.

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In The Eyes of A*. Lost Belarusian Music

Our author’s eyes aren’t get used to the lack of bright music. Image by artgiagzhel

Our today’s review is a musical greeting from the “Dub up My Groove, Baby” channel. The black bar and the hidden name are sad symbols. Behind them lies the bitter aftertaste of what has been happening in Belarus, the country which is rapidly turning into a scorched earth instead of becoming prosperous and modern. This applies not only to politics, but to actual music as well.

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