Man Mountain – Infinity Mirror (2018)


🇺🇸 Modest noteworthy album by US post-rockers Man Mountain sounds great. It’s the middle ground between light ambient and heavy stuff.


It’s not so often the case when a good post-rock piece is both upbeat and melancholic in one time. It’s hard enough to stay moderate and not to be off the charts though, even if ostinato is one of your featured weapons. And Man Mountain for sure uses ostinato manner in their narrative.

Here we have instrumental music reaching different particles of a listener’s heart. Yes, a number of the tricks are more or less habitual; but some groups are able to create their own atmosphere while others cannot. To me, Man Mountain is first type, and “Infinity Mirror“, their second record, summarizes the band’s experience of last years.

facebook page: ManMountainMusic

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5 thoughts on “Man Mountain – Infinity Mirror (2018)

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