Auditive Escape – Polychrome (2019)


🇫🇷 Moment of clarity, when the sky is clear and you can breath slowly and watch the rays coming to the Earth and reflecting everywhere…

Jean Patier is a musician from France who pays attention to effect of the sound on perception. He does everything himself, including recording, mixing and producing. Although the main job is to investigate how the sound waves interact with the space and light. This is the key to his atmospheric albums.

Ten different landscapes are selected by author from his latest writings and also from his musical attic where the older compositions have been waiting for their turn. The  Polychrome was released in February, but it’s mainly spring and summer album, light and sunny. I think, Jean keeps this feeling regardless of the season and pours his songs with it each time when inspiration comes.

facebook page: AuditiveEscape

Get this album via bandcamp (name your price mode).

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2 thoughts on “Auditive Escape – Polychrome (2019)

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