Pan – The Boreal Coast (2018)


🇺🇸 They came from the north. They brought the third album with them. And yes, it has goosebumps inside.

Michigan-based band Pan is not well-known and recognized yet. Northern guys have been working on the latest album for several years and I guess it took some effort to get it done.

The Boreal Coast” would be great for oldschool metalheads who got tired of typical death metal and want something neat to taste. The sound is deep and carefully prepared, and what I really like is a manner to let the song self-accelerate and then slow down. It’s like the waves of northern ocean rising and falling down.

I’m not sure Michigan is an ocean: I thought it’s one of the Great lakes. Pan could make it an ocean though – no doubt!

facebook page: PanNorth

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4 thoughts on “Pan – The Boreal Coast (2018)

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