Totorro – Come To Mexico (2017)


With their bright and vibrant music, French band Totorro brings out always good mood and sensation of a long bungee jump over the ocean.

This time guys invite us to Mexico with its heat, sand and ocean salt. You can find it all under the cover of “Come To Mexico” album. Intensive math-rock with loud passages and calm melodies, although without oversaturation… For sure the band made brilliant job in develompent of their unique manner: it is nice and never-tiring.

In case you have never tried such a thing I bid you welcome end enjoy the tune! To-Tor-Ro, buddies!

facebook page: Totorro

You may also be inpired by: Tera Melos; As I Watch You From Afar; Lite.


5 thoughts on “Totorro – Come To Mexico (2017)

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