Goosebumps Chronicles ~14. Winter – Spring 2022, 10 new opuses

Late winter wind, calling for a sun to come. Image by lunamontem

This episode reports ten selected albums by the artists who have already been reviewed here. All of the records have appeared in February – March, 2022.

1. Kinoue64 – 空間、事情、時間、事象。(2022)

🇯🇵 We start this Chronicles episode with the latest opus by Japanese project kinoue64. Impressions of the current life, personal and fragile, showing themselves on the weird shoegaze canvas. As always, remarkable vocal style, sheer Japanese, strange and wonderful. Listen to this record with a smile on your face or with a droplet on your eye. By the way, it’s not the case that you decide, rather this music does. It simply gets inside your inner-self and challenges it.

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Previous masterpiece by Kinoue64, “あの子は幻” (2020) in our selected Maths Episode.

2. Al Wootton – Callers Spring (2022)

🇬🇧 Another winter release, by British sound designer Al Wootton. Thick sound is going to embrace and hold you. Synthetic waves move you up and down, whirling and pushing back and forth. Then the beats appear all of a sudden, and this pulse mimics your heart’s pace. Indeed, this is calling spring, and in a moment it’ll come with all its freshness and passion. Just hold your breath for a short time and listen to “Callers Spring” attentively.

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Previous masterpiece by Al Wootton, “Maenads” (2021), in our selected Dub Episode.

3. Cult of Luna – The Long Road North (2022)

🇸🇪 Next album born in February, comes from the North. Never straying from their road, titans CoL continue the way. And this stuff is so massive that you don’t have any chance to escape. The atmosphere unfolds, step by step, eyes-opening and thrilling. These Swedes just relish the balance between the heavy and the beautiful. Sliding along the sharp line, between rocks and glaciers, to the North. Come join us on this majestic trip, which will never end, as this music is eternal.

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Previous masterpieces by Cult of Luna, “A Dawn to Fear” (2019), and “The Raging River” (2021) in our Chronicles E05.

4. Byron Metcalf – Adventures in Synaptic Exploration (2022)

🇺🇸 New session by the guru of mystic inspirational music, Byron Metcalf. An adventure to the roots of Nature, back and down the stream. Sonic meditation and adjustment of the specter. To create this tremendous and friendly world. Byron invited a team of talented musicians. They are Frore (synthesizers), Dashmesh (didgeridoo and electronics), Joel Olivé (drums and percussion, overtone & throat singing), and Sherry Finzer (Native American flute). Join the tribe and let the peace happen.

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Previous masterpieces by Byron Metcalf, “Inner Rhythm Meditations Vol II” (2018), and “Rhythms of Remembering” (2021) in our Chronicles E09.

5. Hadiqa Kiani – VASL (2022)

🇵🇰 It’s time to cross the ocean and arrive in Pakistan to meet again wonderful Hadiqa Kiani who presents to us her latest work, “VASL”. Touching vocal waves bring authentic lyrics and the essence of feelings. In Hadiqa’s songs, percussion meets strings and wind instruments, making a great ensemble and giving the words more power to reach the hearts. True example how amazing could be the alliance of traditional and innovative, ancient and modern.

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Previous masterpiece by Hadiqa Kiani, “Wajd, Vol. 1” (2017), in our Continents E02.

6. Jun Miyake – Whispered Garden (2022)

🇯🇵 This album by Japanese outstanding artist Jun Miyake perfectly depicts his approach to the music creation, which one could determine as ultimate eclectics. Within this one hour long journey you’ll get unforgettable inspiration of jazz, bossa nova, folk and pop music and various experiments swaying you from genre to genre. The miracle world is open for anyone daring to open the curtains, thanks to Jun Miyake and his eсcentric art.

Get this album via bandcamp | spotify | deezer | apple | youtube

Previous masterpiece by Jun Miyake, “Stolen From Strangers” (2021)

7. Herknungr – Dugr (2022)

🇬🇧 That’s completely different music, or even not music sometimes. Rather the spirit of the Earth coming from its depth. Let’s follow the crow’s cry and we’ll find what’s left after an epoch passed away. Humans, alive and dead, and sacred forces which are everywhere. When mystic turn to the rhythm, the distant voice comes closer. That’s how we’ll learn the Vikings’ legends, with the winds and the horns. Ancient tales are not forgotten, as we hear the human breath and that crow.

Get this album via bandcamp | spotify | deezer | apple | youtube | yandex

Previous masterpieces by Herknungr, “Hugleikinn” (2020), and “Dauðadagr” (2021), in our Chronicles E11.

8. David Krakauer with Kathleen Tagg – Mazel Tov Cocktail Party! (2022)

🇺🇸 It’s party time! These rhythms are contagious. Once you hear, it inhabits your mind and your limbs can’t resist. Nice melodies, being attractive and insane from time to time, add a bottle of joy in our dark and disappointing reality. That’s a turning point indeed, as the source of all problems are inside us. Yet there a couple of slower romantic medleys on the album, the clarinet makes the message indisputable. So, ladies and gentlemen, better get up off your seats!

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Previous masterpiece by David Krakauer & Kathleen Tagg, “Breath & Hammer” (2020)

9. Bodikhuu – Street​-​Hops (2022)

🇲🇳 We are Mar 3. Well, not that usual place to enjoy the vibes and beats, Mongolia. But it’s worth it. The next self-released album by Bodikhuu puts hip-hop sketches onto a vast canvas. The albums delivers you straight to the underground where you’ll unexpectedly find even street waltz and serenata. Shifting from one mood to another, compositions live their own lives, inviting you to join. Just push the play button and arrive at distant Ulaanbaatar.

Get this album via bandcamp | spotify | deezer | apple | youtube | yandex

Previous masterpiece by Bodikhuu, “Rio / Bodianova” (2019)

10. Dramón – Performar Selvagem (2022)

🇧🇷 We re closing our episode in São Paulo, Brazil this time. Depicting ambience with the help of the sound, Dramón succeeds in blending romantic feelings with optimistic mood and some casual noise. Like a real life, this music has not only a tempo and bunch of melodies, but patterns and sporadic evolution as well. Listening to this EP is like watching the midair from different angles. Going up and down and hovering, we’ll spend some time enjoying these selected vibes.

Get this album via bandcamp | spotify | deezer | apple | youtube | yandex

Previous masterpieces by Dramón: Pra Hoje: (2021) (in Chronicles E09) | Àspero (2021) (in Chronicles E06) | Afã (2020) (in Feel the Vibes Episode)

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