Across the Continents. E02. Walking Authentic Paths

Our adventure unveils hidden neural links, often pretty unexpectedly. Image by lunamontem

Today we continue our round-the-world voyage. In the first episode, we targeted deep roots of the music coming from the past. The second one is rather about modern acts which unite traditions with the pulse of our days.


1. Dag Tenere – Iswat (2021)

🇳🇪 We find ourselves in the middle of Niger, somewhere in infinite desert, drinking tea and having a rest after a long day. Dag Tenere will help us to learn a little of what tuaregs’ culture is and how it has been surviving and changing during last decades. The Western civilization brought the guitars and the amplifiers, while the rest was born here, in the sands of Sahara. Within the camp, the spirit of freedom and openness is everywhere. Join Dag Tenere and spend some time in a brilliant company. Set your heart free and feel how it resonates.

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2. Saodaj – Pokor Lèr (2018)

🇷🇪 🇫🇷 As searching out whether Reunion belongs to Africa or to Asia, you’ll find out it’s a part of European Union. Being French overseas territory, Reunion is an island situated to the East of Madascar. The Saodaj project is dealing with authentic vibes coming from various areas, sharing Southerners and Austronesian feeling, as they say. In other words, it’s cosmopolitan music having immediate influence on any alive heart. Yours included, if only you wish.

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3. Hadiqa Kiani – Wajd, Vol. 1 (2017)

🇵🇰 It’s time to arrive at a very different place, hot and shiny Pakistan. A home for rich art, not that familiar for the societies outside. Hadiqa Kiani is a true ambassador of the local scene. She has been spreading folk and modern music, singing in Urdu, Punjabi and Pashto languages. “Wajd” is a visual album prepared by Hadiqa together with her brother. Thus the world received a new treasure, letting wonderful Eastern music reach distant pieces of lands, people and communities unaware of Pakistani traditional and improvisational art.

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4. Beatrice Deer – Shifting (2021)

🇨🇦 Beatrice Deer was born and raised in Quaqtaq, a settlement in Quebec with population of several hundred people. She is half-Inuk and half-Mohawk keeper of wisdom and voices. In the year 2007 Beatrice moved to Montreal, taking all her extraordinary luggage with herself. The latest album, entitled “Shifting” indicates an attempt to tell the ancient stories through the blend of folk, pop and rock music. Nevertheless, Beatrice succeeded in safekeeping of vulnerable Inuit spirit, letting some English and French lyrics to the rest of compositions sung in her native language.

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Australia and New Zealand

5. Richard Nunns – Mahi (2020)

🇳🇿 Our final location for today’s episode is New Zealand. Here we find Dr. Richard Nunns, whose live is dedicated to unique Maori culture, musical and ritual traditions. Various wind and percussion instruments live their own lives in the hands of maestro. These sound connects the hearts of the listeners from all the globe with the people who had been inventing these small tools to reinforce the voices of Nature. They can be charming, soothing, frightening and inspiring. as the nature is. Giving you true goosebumps from time to time.

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