Some Math Lessons. 10 Opuses for Better Understanding of Math Rock

Ready to solve some equations? Image by lunamontem

This compilation apparently has to do with math rock in its sheer variety. Easy structures and profound structures, everything found inside.

1. Moonlet Atlas – Oak (2021)

🇺🇸 Our first lesson is prepared by Moonlet Atlas from Boston, Massachusetts. Five days of practice, less emotions, more rationality. But… what do these fern leaves do here when it comes to the oak?

This EP appears to be nice material to start with the Maths. In addition to proper guitar structures, you’ll get awesome trumpet parties performed by the band’s bassist. Sound very tasty and still academic!

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2. Matt Dodo – Dodo Sapiens (2021)

🇲🇽 For the next portion of formulas, we are heading to Mexico. Local professors are dodos by chance. Strange teachers, but it works somehow.

Their EP is bright one, full of optimistic waves and some kind of childishness which cures adult diseases like being too human the life. Why not to realize that any of us is a dodo, at least partially. It’s a scientific fact, isn’t it?

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3. kinoue64 – あの子は幻 (2020)

🇯🇵 For sure, this stuff by Japanese project kinoue64 is not pure mathematics. It’s rather weird mixture of shoegazing, indie rock and pretty specific vocalization.

But it still can be recognized as maths, at least applied, if you wish. I’ve picked a release from the year 2020, as it is the most complete in kinoue64’s collection. Fell free to browse the latest works as well, if you like this one.

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4. Alpha Male Tea Party – Infinity Stare (2020)

🇬🇧 This album deals with huge numbers and theory of infinity, it seems. On one hand, it’s solid and massive, on another hand, fragility also takes place.

10 tracks which you’ll unwrap one by one, will lead you to the higher dimension. Perhaps it will give you more answers that questions, but no promise. Significant surprise at the very end, unexpected but really acceptable vocals as a centerpiece.

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5. Woes – Wake Up Pls (2020)

🇸🇬 Woes from Singapore has prepared a lot for math lovers. Here you’ll meet non-linear rhythmic patterns, complex calculus and… wonderful voice by the band’s female vocalist.

The only thing they did left for us the listeners, is their music formula. Attention, guys. You should learn it by heart like an axiom. It’s “tappy tap strum strum”. Got it?

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6. Young Animals – BBQ Dads (2020)

🇺🇸 The more emo it is, the weirder the outcomes are. Young Animals from St. Louis, Missouri make a practical demonstration of this theorem.

Eccentric EP with a certain midwest ornamentation. Mature enough for a precise overview of what the group is. Yet they stay young, sometimes looking goofy and naive. It’s not a fault, just a feature. Every rule has its exceptions. You learnt this in school, didn’t you?

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7. Dabda [다브다] – But, All The Shining Things Are (2020)

🇰🇷 Another Asian approach to the mathematics. Dabda from Seoul offers mild intelligent rock with pretty vocals. The band follows their own formulas and canons. That’s why the album turns to be even and plain.

Some of the tracks bring joy while others are more romantic and even melancholic. However, the quartet will never let you get upset. They’ll give you a short lesson instead.

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8. Goodbye Arthropods – I Miss Dancing (2021)

🇨🇦 Canadian math school is also remarkable. Let’s study a very special discipline taught by Ontario based band with a strange name Goodbye Arthropods.

These guys propose to cross breed algebra and… dance. Don’t wait to check what the resulting vector is. Your legs will easily understand how to solve this equation. Just let them move, and you’ll realize everything yourself.

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9. 右侧合流 YouCeHeLiu – 世界动物日记 The Diary Of Animal In This World (2020)

🇨🇳 Now, we are crossing the ocean one more time, arriving at Wuhan, China. We are here to get to know YouCeHeLiu, local band which creates bright and resonating music.

Having two vocalists, YouCeHeLiu uses their advantage like a failproof arms. Moreover, there is a lady who not only sings, but is responsible for thick bass lines. So, you really have to taste this album!

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10. Molino – Molino (2021)

🇧🇷 Our last teachers for today hail from Brazil. Molino the band has released self titled EP this year, and it comprises five compositions which will easily improve your mood. Not too complicated, accurate and thoughtful math rock for everybody.

My favorite track would be “Die Reisende”. Here you’ll find touching motive and cool guitar parties which will get all your attention. So vivid and tender they are!

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