Along the Rays of Dub. 5 Electronic Albums

Frozen lines empower us. Image by lunamontem

Today we are going to fly around the globe in the search of really good dub. This kind of music derives from reggae, but after a couple of decades it is so broad that sometimes nothing is similar to the sound and rhythms of the 70’s.

1. Regal – Time Past (2021)

🇬🇧 Our first album is the British one. Deriving from jazz in some sense, this release keeps the jazzy mood. In the same time, hip-hop roots are also contributing to the compositions. Besides, you’ll get selected electronics, breaks and samples which furnish the surfaces. DJ Regal finds a proper approach to unite all that components in one digital sound ecosystem. Blurry spots, fragments of ever listened episodes, and bright thoughts above dark background, – that’s what you are going to meet.

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2. Yu Su – Yellow River Blue (2021)

🇨🇳 🇨🇦 Yu Su, born in the Henan province of China, resides in Vancouver, Canada. Apparently, she has a lot to share with the listeners. It’s the Eastern spirit, melodies and pulses of life, all embodied in the music. Her captivating compositions are synthetic in their core, but bear a lot of human and natural treats. It’s like a reworked canvas with vague elements scattered here and there. During the track, you are gradually discovering the matter in its complexity and simplicity.

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3. Al Wootton – Maenads EP (2021)

🇬🇧 Another work from the UK. Al Wootton thoroughly connects the sounds between each other, aligning them in rows and structures. What he creates is the mixes of techno, dub and drum and bass influences, with a rich pallet of echoes and volumes. While the listening, the story goes further and new sources of sound appear. It’s spectacular adventure to expect next pattern and unconsciously compare your imagination with the author’s concept carried out on this EP.

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4. Mnth – Mnth (2021)

🇧🇷 Now, we rush to Guarulhos, Brazil in order to catch exotic vibes and pure excitement. Luciano Valério, better known under the name of Mnth, explores his own sonic galaxy. These synthetic compositions receive something unusual, as if they were created in acoustic way. I guess it’s Luciano’s feelings which he keeps for the music. Thanks to the beats and rhythms, the album appears to be hypnotic. These portions of afrobeat and South American temper might empress a robot, not only us.

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5. Cousin – MSH011 (2021)

🇦🇺 The last pick for today comes from Sydney, Australia. Smooth and touching, this music offers a continuum to spend your time in. Moreover, you’ll encounter mysterious creatures here, wandering nearby. Hidden world, open for those who let their imagination take control on pragmatic mind. The EP is nice and the sound moves very steadily, although some of the rhythms push the listener’s heart just a little bit. Selected lounge electronics for an urban soul.

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