Bodikhuu – Rio / Bodianova (2019)


🇲🇳 Electronic music from the heart of Mongolia? Why not? Especially when it is devoted to the place half a world away.

Bodikhuu is a DJ coming from Ulaanbaatar, the capital of Mongolia. Inside his compositions we’ll often find a handful of national stuff: excerpts from old Soviet times for “Moscow” album issued in 2019; Japanese influences on “Tokyo” (2017) and so on.

My favorite work is this one. The first part of the album brings us to shiny Rio De Janeiro  and leaves us there for a while. Strong retrospective but also more modern stuff slightly resembles from where we started our journey. To tell the truth, “Rio” was created back in 2015 but is still sounding actual because it’s not about something temporary…

The second half continues through bossa nova interpretation by Mongolian DJ: notice that “Bodi” in the title. This means you’ll spot some patterns of the style but the rest would derive from Bodikhuu’s own feeling of the music.

facebook page: Dopekhuu   / Youtube channel: Bodikhuu 

Get this record via Apple Music (Rio)|Google Play (Rio) | bandcamp

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5 thoughts on “Bodikhuu – Rio / Bodianova (2019)

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