Herknungr – Hugleikinn (2020)


🇬🇧 The cold wind from the North carries the wild sound from the distant areas hidden in our historical past. It’s the music by Herknungr, and it’s here for you.

Herknungr is a project by Alex McCree living in Broadstairs, UK. Alex has been exploring mystic, ritual and folk music. He is fond of the Nordic tribes, Vikings, and other ancient cultures. Northern folk is not the only matter involved in his art. Herknungr also touches the streams that had come from the East.

Within “Hugleikinn”continuum, you’ll meet the aftersounds of early epochs. Centuries after, these voices are accompanied by their own reflections and modern achievements like genuine mastering and electronic arrangements.

On the disc, you’ll hear tagelharpa, percussion and synths. Corey Judd contributed to the album by adding some guitar sounds and vocals for the last piece. You’ll certainly have the feeling of sacred presence during the whole album.

facebook page: Herknungr

Get this album via bandcamp | deezeryandex.music | apple.music | google.play

You may also be inspired by MunknörrFive the Hierophant | Velehentor




4 thoughts on “Herknungr – Hugleikinn (2020)

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