Goosebumps Chronicles ~13. Beginning of 2022, 10 updates

Through the mystic smoke. Image by lunamontem

This episode has involved 10 opuses from the bands and artists previously mentioned in our blog. All these albums and EPs are issued in January 2022.

1. Io Audio Recordings – Awaiting The Elliptical Drift (2022)

🇺🇸 The very first day of the year 2022 gave us fresh stream of waves emitted by Io Audio Recordings. This new portion is something worth awaiting. Hypnotic and ethereal, it touches your heart and finds a place to inhabit. Resonating with your own pulse, three compositions throw your mind to the mystic journey lasting for a dozen of minutes or for days and years, up to you. You don’t need any tools to join. Only your attentiveness and subconsciousness.

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Previous masterpiece by Io Audio Recordings, “A Guide To Drowning (2021)”, in our Kraut on Earth. Pt 2 episode

2. Worship – Many Masters (2022)

🇺🇸 Let’s push our amps, as Worship is coming. As always, these guys offer multi-tempo elixir for the headbangers. This time you get mostly medium-speed stuff with faster “Mercy” and slower parts which would naturally curl your hair. Nice illustration of hardcore, metal, and experiments going together in ergonomic synergy. Tough, thick and well done sound for anyone who starves for something really heavy and explicit.

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Previous masterpiece by Worship, “Tunnels” (2020), in our Short and Sharp episode

3. Lamp Of The Universe – The Akashic Field (2022)

🇳🇿 Craig Williamson from New Zealand is back with the new view on the universe. Each next step unveils more and more of the wisdom and connectiveness. However, “The Akashic Field” shifts from Craig’s previously elaborated style. Here, we’ll have unexpected experience with arrangements and approaches, although the narrative and the manner to interact with the listener stays the same. It’s great when the art evolves but keeps being true to itself.

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Previous masterpiece by Lamp Of The Universe, “Dead Shrine” (2020)

4. Papir – 7 (2022)

🇩🇰 Danish adventurers present their seventh album, bright and awesome, like all what we heard from them. This time, the sound of Papir is lighter and calmer, letting us to slow down, finding new dimension for fragile reality. Journey for the tired souls and peace seekers. Gliding along the water surface, breathing deeply and feeling the unity, you move through these four compositions. They are full of rays and soothing vibrations. Catch yours and share this feeling with others.

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Previous masterpiece by Papir, “VI” (2019)

5. Kaivo – Floret (2022)

🇧🇾 Kaivo is a solo project by Evgeniy from Belarus, also managing Da Voile. “Floret” was born to the world in the middle of January. The atmosphere of the album is extraordinarily touching and resonating deeply in the heart. Quiet, minimalistic, ethereal. Soft keys and subtle effects, both merging the piano music and some kind of ambient. To me, “Drained” would у the best pick for the time we live in. Dramatic, lonely and still vivid, completely drained.

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Previous masterpiece by Da Voile, “The Air We Breathe” (2020)

6. Lastryko – Sesje (2022)

🇵🇱 Polish band Lastryko continues its journey to the sonic worlds. The latest work is full of vast psychodelia, energetic vibrations and corridors of echoes. Pause the vanity, turn “Sesje” on and reveal inner peace. This session is a pure experience. We are steadily surfing along the timeline, catching abstract form which appear to be concrete and easily comprehensible. The complex things come in easiness sometimes. So no need to waste your brainpower, use your heart instead.

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Previous masterpiece by Lastryko, “Tętno Pulsu” (2019)

7. Rekon – Rekon With Friends (2022)

🇸🇪 Jazz section of our Chronicles episode is reserved for Rekon. This work is huge in volume, consisting of five really vast compositions. A number of friends joined the band to make the sound unique. Three of them are also from Sweden: Lisa Ullén (electric piano), Niklas Billström (double bass) and Mike Lloyd (trumpet), and Helena Espvall (cello_ represent Portuguese scene. For sure, this album differs from previous recordings by Rekon. Nevertheless, you’ll easily encounter the band’s key traits while listening to it.

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Previous masterpiece by Rekon, “Rekon” (2020)

8. Black Sky Giant – End of Days Pilgrimage

🇦🇷 From Europe direct to South America, where Argentinian Black Sky Giant is ready to embrace is. Holding tight and squeezing our mind, this Giant brings us to the ghost valley. The desert’s breath, catchy guitar riffs and plain solos are guaranteed. All that you need is just follow the footsteps and don’t look back. There are thousands of creatures lurking in this surreal world. Keep calm and better follow our goose!

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Previous masterpiece by Black Sky Giant, “Falling Mothership” (2021) in our Out of the Stoner episode.

9. Dario Piccioni – Limesnauta (2022)

🇮🇹 More jazzy staff for our subscribers! Rome based composer Dario Piccioni invites us for Mediterranean trip. Fresh wind will be our fellow traveler, sharing with us both local blowings and global vibes. Deep waves of bass, spicy Eastern rhythms and shiny arrangements, all blended and prepared specially for a profound listener. Silky sound of stings delivers you to the forever young shore, wherever you are now. Even if it’s physically impossible, as the music does miracles.

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Previous masterpiece by Dario Piccioni, “Carpet Stories” (2021), in our Walking Over the Mist episode.

10. Coral Club – Turn To (2022)

🇷🇺 The last piece for today’s episode comes from Russia. Alexander Sirenko continues his audial adventures. This time, he deals with colors, offering full variety of the spectre. With Coral Club, we are going to taste the sun’s rays. Furthermore, we’ll investigate conventional colors responsible not only for traditional RGB palette, but for transcendental interactions as well. The sound of the light, what can be more intriguing? Don’t hesitate to try it yourselves.

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Previous masterpiece by Coral Club, “Nowhere Island” (2020)

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