Rekon – Rekon (2020)

🇸🇪 Are you ready for a strange but adventurous journey without a destination? Rekon is waiting for everyone who is craving for it.

Swedish trio has released the self-titled album this year. Well, what do we have under such an exquisite cover? There’s a full range of improvisation, unlimited experimentation and ever surprising matter.

The album is mosaic. It starts with “Rescue Garden”, a piece which is incredibly touching. It will certainly make you smile with the eyes open. Further, the story changes. Instead of plain melody, you’ll hear something way more complicated. You’ll never know what you’ll encounter when listening to these Swedes.

Brass instruments by Daniel Borgegård Älgå (bass clarinet, soprano saxophone, and flute) are talking directly with your heart. Tender guitar strings of Leif Jordansson are somewhere very close to you, hiding but not escaping. And the drums by Pelle Vallgren, so modestly introduced but captivating from time to time, especially in the last composition, “Required Space”.

facebook page: REKON

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3 thoughts on “Rekon – Rekon (2020)

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