Al-Sarwib – Loin des Terres (2021)

🇨🇭 Welcome to the mystic space, where the miracles occur out of the blue. It’s far from the land, as this world floats in zero gravity

French band Al-Sarwib has recently released a wonderful album with a nice promising title. It’s rather a mirage than a regular record. Psychedelia from the West (note that the songs are in French and in English) is blended with oriental essence and hot African vibes.

Seven tracks are seven pages of a magic book. Open it and you’ll find yourself in the outer world, maybe in the middle of the desert, or straight in the jungle. Everything is relative, and this journey is an excellent proof.

I like it when you can’t put the album on the shelf and forget. Firstly, you never know which shelf would be appropriate for “Loin des Terres”. Then, it would come back again and again, and keep sounding in your memory. That’s cool, right?

Get this album via bandcamp | spotify | deezer | apple | youtube | yandex

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