Lamp Of The Universe – Dead Shrine (2020)

🇳🇿 Lamp of the Universe emits new beam of light which breaks loose at your day and its routine.

More than 20 years ago, Craig Williamson had started a solo project to enlighten his own feeling of the existence. Lamp of the Universe has been changing its sounding, from mild acoustic chords, up to groovy boosted riffs.

Within “Dead Shrine”, you’ll find one more grain of zen, spiritual Eastern vibes, and powerful Western amps. I really enjoyed the core sound boosted by rhythm section, deep psych rock and mysterious content.

This journey is amazing entirely. It’s like you join the myriad of stars whirling around. You’re somewhere in the middle, watching the rays and following them by the inner spirit. Internal, or external – it doesn’t matter here as the boundaries fall down.

facebook page: lampoftheuniverse

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3 thoughts on “Lamp Of The Universe – Dead Shrine (2020)

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