Kraut on Earth and in Space. Part 2: In Space

Reaching the distant cosmic domains. Image by lunamontem

This is the second episode of our kraut / psychedelic / space rock escapade. Five acts which catapult us into the open space.

1. Here the Captain Speaking, the Captain Is Dead – Flux Capacitor (2021)

🇪🇸 Our cosmic journey starts from Valencia, Spain. Here, mission control centre is situated, and the Captain speaks from it.

The quartet proposes to us sophisticated psychedelia, amplified by space vibrations and kraut patterns. Add some portions of the voice instructions from the Captain, and you’ll ride this rocket safely. This flies and pierces the sky. It’s so marvelous to watch the galactic dust floating nearby.

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2. Io Audio Recordings – A Guide To Drowning (2021)

🇺🇸 Taste the latest release by American Io Audio Recordings. Don’t try it on animals, better try it on yourself. You’ll barely resist, as these waves are penetrating any leaving creature.

Full range oscillations come and embrace your mind. It’s nothing but physics of the universe which interacts with the human neurons and charge them with a higher energy. it’s funny that whilst moving through this album, just after “Just To Keep You Awake” you’ll listen to “A Guide To Drowning”. I have to admit but I got drowned way earlier before the title track which goes the fifths.

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3. Korb – Korb II (2021)

🇬🇧 Our next pilots are British. Please welcome to the cockpit, the Korb project. Jonathan Parkes and Alec Wood created this story to embody strange multidimensional cosmic radiation into the music.

By using both electronic effects and vintage instruments, Korb makes a listener’s heart bumping and swaying inside the chest. Such a transcendent experience is going to seize us completely. Would we wish to escape though?

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4. Mugstar – Graft (2020)

🇬🇧 Arriving at Liverpool, we meet the Mugstar band. Instead of showing prolific approach, these guys work out each composition to the maximal extent.

The album’s first track prepares us for the rest. Just after the second starts, we jump into the black hole. Charming heavyduty, “Graft” offers a bunch of surprises, eyes open and close automatically. Breathtaking and overwhelming, with a room for gentle remissions as well.

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5. Øresund Space Collective – Four Riders Take Space Mountain (2020)

🇩🇰 🇸🇪 The Dutch-Swedish superband is back from the distant route, telling the world about their discoveries. This adventure never ends and covers constellations and nebulas which we have never imagined.

Pure space rock in four parts, each lasting about 20 minutes. One hour of delight among stars and meteors, armed with groove guitars, majestic sitar, and enormous collective passion.

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