Trio Tekke – Strovilos (2020)

🇨🇾 Don’t lose a perfect chance to get familiar with rembetiko performed and arranged in purely extravagant way.

It’s a great luck, not rotten one. A moment when the wind comes and brings some salty droplets. The soil is full of heat, and such a breeze might be a remedy, unless it turns to a whirlwind. It’s what I can tell you about rembetiko, a peculiar musical tradition of the 1920s.

Trio Tekke is Antonis Antoniou (vocals, tzouras, baglamas, percussion, electronics),
Lefteris Moumtzis (vocals, guitars, percussion, synths, organ), and Colin Somervell (bass). The guys are exploring Greek culture in the only one possible way, the inner search. As it seems you have to be the Greek to play rembetiko.

The album has ten selected pieces, ten stories about lonely souls, suffering and love, feelings and adventures. Immediately we join this adventures ourselves, thanks to the talent of Trio Tekke!

facebook page: TrioTekkeBand

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4 thoughts on “Trio Tekke – Strovilos (2020)

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