Arif Sag – Osman Pehlivan (2020)

🇹🇷 Arif Sag is Turkish musician dealing with rich traditions and giving them new sounding that doesn’t fit any canon.

The Turkofon label has released this truly experimental record which was done back in the 70s.

Arif Sag is mainly recognized by his acoustic performances, solo and ensemble, working with oriental string, wind, and percussion instruments. But this time, on the demo record, he did unusual version by combining electro-saz with juicy percussion.

Fifteen compositions with catchy Eastern rhythms, charming melodies, and vast perspective. All told in a very special way, bringing even more psychedelia into folk domains.

Get this album via bandcamp | spotify | deezer | |

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4 thoughts on “Arif Sag – Osman Pehlivan (2020)

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