J A V A – Implode / Explode (2020)

🇮🇱 Take a deep breath and feel your pulse free of anything external. It’s time to implode but quietly.

J A V A hails from Tel Aviv Yafo, Israel. The band members are Gilad Kessler (guitars and effects), Jonah Helfman (bass and synth), and Dan Deutsch (drums). The trio started their way several years ago, and last year they made a debut album.

Now the guys make a second step to the space, as “Implode / Explode” is launched. The album is surprisingly broad. The sound evolves, and new facets appear with each song. The material is fully instrumental, contemplative and transcendental.

It’s like a fast trip to the outer space with bare hands. In one breath, thousands of planets leaving aside. Staring at the stellar gas, forgetting about all miserable things that disturbed so much in the past.

facebook page: javapsych

Get this album via bandcamp | deezer | spotify | apple.music | yandex.music

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2 thoughts on “J A V A – Implode / Explode (2020)

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