Antonis Antoniou – Kkismettin (2021)

🇨🇾 Antonis invites us to a hidden city, full of life, in all its forms. He tells the story of centuries as though they last just foe an eve.

Well, we arrive at the heart of the Cyprus island. Divided and torn by ongoing conflict, it has always been a place of passion, joy and inspiration.

Antoniou’s songs are laced with inner spirit, breaking into our hearts and delivering sense of the lyrics. Thanks to catchy melodies and precise arrangements, it works astonishing.

This album is the means of immediate teleportation to a point somewhere between Ais Yiannis and Arabahmet. Breaking the wall of terror and awe by the ultimate weapons of love and empathy.

facebook page: antonisantonioumusik

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2 thoughts on “Antonis Antoniou – Kkismettin (2021)

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