Operentzia – Tuatara Psylosophy (2020)

a3417582930_10🇭🇺 Welcome to a strange world where  synthetic sounds bounce off each other and engage acoustic melodies.

Operentzia is a duo by Tibor Domokos (synths) and Gábor Bánházi (drums, hangdrum, electronica), collaborating with guest musicians. On this record, you’ll also hear juicy bass, fragile violin, mystic fuyara, and even harmonic throat singing.

Tibor and Gábor follow the unity of synthetic and natural. In search of the organic sounding, they involve both ethnic instruments and club beats. Thus you arrive at unique continuum where you can stroll as long as you like.

Some of the compositions from “Tuatara Psylosophy” are mild and tender, whereas there is also a room for heavier stuff like selected psytrance. Continue your trip to the unknown with Operentzia!

facebook page: operentzia

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5 thoughts on “Operentzia – Tuatara Psylosophy (2020)

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