Arcadian Child – Protopsycho (2020)

🇨🇾 Intriguing and catchy, the sound of this album will embrace you and leave a bitter tea aftertaste.

Sunny Limassol has a lot of pearls, Arcadian Child involved. These guys do all what they can imagine out of rock and psychedelia. Add some chant-like vocals and saturated grooves, and you’ll get “Protopsycho” with its unrestrained energy.

You’ll find western guitars, eastern rhythms, southern temper and northers calm. All represented and blended up in Cyprus, a beautiful place for enchanting art.

As the fire rises, we come closer and closer. This campfire is something uniting and spiritualizing, coming from the history and happening right away. True music for a true auditory. And there they go!

facebook page: arcadianchildband

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2 thoughts on “Arcadian Child – Protopsycho (2020)

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