Every Light Goes Out – Every Light Goes Out (2020)


🇨🇦 Every light of the talent surely goes out and reach its auditory. Are you a part of it?

Every Light Goes Out is a one-man project by Micheal Dunn from Winnipeg, Manitoba. He created the songs, recorded, mixed and mastered everything on this record. Great DIY piece, and a nice debut.

The EP starts with a calm and deep track, which is entitled “Further, Forever”. Contemplative mood follows these beats immediately, and stays up to the last chord. You’ll find something boosted as well. Take the next one, “Halcyon”, which sounds quite different. And I like the kind of tension that it creates no less than fragility of the other compositions.

I felt that “Every Light Goes Out” EP is similar to the human life. You feel relaxed for a while, and then you have to rush. Then, it’s a moment to slow down, and here comes the wisdom, “Nothing Is Safe to Love”. To wrap up, I don’t doubt that there’s the bright future ahead of the author.


Get this album via bandcamp | apple.music | google.play

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