Hightime – Thrive (2020)

a0855570036_16🇦🇺 They never blocking themselves by the genre boundaries. Instead, the quartet evolves and absorbs all the best from guitar-based stuff ever appeared or even not.

Hightime is a punk rock band from Adelaide, Australia.  The “Thrive” album turns to collect band’s diametrically opposite aspirations and developments. One can even decided that there’s a cover album picking up various songs and wrapping them is a fancy way.

Duh, it’s all Hightime. Check “Quit Ya Job” as a blast. My hat’s off to it’s credibility. Precise, straightforward, and seasoned by the drum salvos. Staying in the mind for a certain time, letting the goosebumps to feast.  Then you switch to “Say What You Mean” with its pseudo-pop or even reggaeish manner and get surprised how these thing get along together.

I make my own choice and I don’t choose you” – that’s what we all can say to anything that disturbs us, and it’s a kind of the album’s motto. This time I choose “Thrive”. Period.

facebook page: hightimemusic

Get this album via bandcamp | deezerapple.music | google.play

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