Spiral Guru – Void (2019)

a2485192859_16🇧🇷 Spiral Guru explores the universe and share its treasures with the listeners. Are yoo ready for a trip to the black hole?


Brazilian quartet Spiral Guru rocks intelligently. Their journey has begum back in 2014, and today the band is really a mature one. The “Void” album is about  the search for the road.  It’s about the sensations and revelations we receive, about the human existence and the interaction between all.

The melodies within the album are captivating, and the voice of Spiral Guru is really majestic, thanks to charming Andrea Ruocco. I should say the compositions leave the proper impression as they are prepared in both traditional and innovative ways simultaneously.

However, the first part iof the album is what I’ve enjoyed the most. The harmony between the vocals and mild riffs is what makes your head moving. Maybe the whole body as well.

facebook page: SpiralGuru

Get this album via bandcampdeezeryandex.music

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