GDJYB – Squarecle (2018)

a2759888872_16 🇭🇰 Step back and take a glimpse on what’s going on. GDJYB will help you with such an experiment.

Click “backspace” somewhere in your mind and forget about clear forms. Any rectangle may seem a square, depending on a site of the observer. Any melody can catch a mathy frame and lead new life.

Being an all-ladies band, GDJYB from Hong Kong is for sure a special collective. They are concerned about human injustice, like in amazing song “Why Don’t You Kill Us All” which also received a pretty weird videoclip.

GDJYB is also about vulnerable heart and soul. Something thak keeps breathing even the body is cracked by the modern society. Something that is inevitably innocent but covered with dirt in a daily life.

facebook page:  GDJYB 雞蛋蒸肉餅

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4 thoughts on “GDJYB – Squarecle (2018)

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