Hualun – wʌndərlænd + 2 (2019)


🇨🇳 Hualun band comes from Wuhan, China. During the years the young men have been wandering through the ocean of sound to establish and improve their own style.

Since the year 2004, the group has been experiencing a lot of shifts. New members coming and leaving, tours and everlasting experiments, electronics deployment, and all that stuff.

Nevertheless, the project has been evolving and reaching in new shapes. They made several records inspired by various topics. I highlighted this particular EP simply because it grabbed my attention and acted through the feeling.

It has a mild rhythm, wordless ambience and dreamy taste. Like you slowly float in space close to our Earth and watch the planets passing afar. To me, it’s that kind of wonder. Perhaps, the guys meant something else, but I guess they wouldn’t mind…

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4 thoughts on “Hualun – wʌndərlænd + 2 (2019)

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