Gifts For The Earth – Velvet Bloom (2019)


🇩🇪 Bright sadness spilled in the air: it’s the music of Gifts For The Earth piercing the silence to strike a listener’s heart.

Four friends from Cologne started the band not so long ago. Up to the moment, they have grown in a well-balanced band with its wave emerging from the feeling. Romantic lyrics embraced by not less romantic sound.

Velvet Bloom is like post-rock skeleton covered by shoegaze tissues and somewhat dream pop fur. A new kind of an animal howling at the moon and wandering gloomy landscape.

From time to time there are unexpected impulses though. It’s all get heavier for a while but the guitar strings never forget to keep nice mellowed tones: they are covering all compositions in order to tell a story of darkness and light, a story of sorrow and happiness.

facebook page: GiftsForTheEarth

Get this album via Apple Music | Google Play | bandcamp

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7 thoughts on “Gifts For The Earth – Velvet Bloom (2019)

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