Far Behind The Sun – Story Of Collapsing Galaxies (2017)

a2908174904_16🇩🇪 Good piece of experimental music evolving from calm shoegaze to full range vibrant post-rock.


These guys acting under the name “Far Behind The Sun” are from Kempten, Germany. For all tracks of the latest album they preferred to pick name labels of space objects. Listening to the “Story” becomes a journey through the universe to encounter distant planets.

Perhaps there is life somewhere else? If yes, it should be something absolutely different from what we know. Maybe humans can feel it rather than comprehend by mind? It seems, this collective doesn’t ahave an answer yet. But they have great music to listen to. Don’t wait and click “Play” right now.

facebook page: Far Behind The Sun

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4 thoughts on “Far Behind The Sun – Story Of Collapsing Galaxies (2017)

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